What is Healthy-nest?

Healthy-nest is a platform that aims to celebrate the support system that we all are incomplete without. This support system directly or indirectly affects our health and well-being. We all tend to feel insecure, exhausted at times and those are the times when we crave for advice. Advice in terms of physical or mental health, advice about our decisions, advice for our dependents, for our nest which is the most valuable in everyone's life.

The idea behind this medium is to talk to experts who can better our circumstances for good, who can be the guiding light in the dark and who can help us decipher the enigma that is 'LIFE'!

Healthy-nest is an attempt to create and spread healthfulness and happiness through conversations; conversations that can break all barriers and hopelessness. Believe me, we have support all around us- we just need to hold each other's hand and move forward conquering the unknown.


Why Healthy-nest?

Healthy-nest is a platform that aims to celebrate and cherish the support system that we have around us. I am sure there have been instances in life for all of us when we crave for answers, answers to questions that continuously haunt us! Although, deep down we all know that time and timely interventions heal and solve if not everything but most of our personal/professional conundrums but we being humans, we crave for instant if not solutions but pacifications/remedies (at least when/where possible!). Such words of calm impart peace and stillness to our minds and hence to our near and dear ones.

I have had moments when one positive word or a sentence has actually changed my perspective towards situations and now when I look back and connect the dots, it all makes sense. So, who are these people who can actually help and console us in times of turmoil- our families, our friends, our mentors, coaches, professionals etc.


Their expertise lies in their quick analysis of the situation at hand and henceforth in the provision of appropriate solutions/advices etc. If we come to think of it, we need them and their words of wisdom for most of our challenges- they help us challenge the challenges and emerge victorious! So, here is a platform that has experts who are diverse in every sense of the word- they are here to give the best to your nest- anytime, any day not anywhere but here!!

Created for whom?

A support system is indispensable and priceless

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