About Healthy-nest

About Healthy-nest

I have never, ever experienced a moment where all dimensions of my health are in perfect harmony. It so happens that when I am physically ok, I am mentally deprived! And sometimes, when mentally ok, spiritually deprived! And sometimes, when spiritually ok, financially or may be emotionally deprived! We all experience this deprivation in our day to day lives. A perfect harmony in terms of all the facets of our health is of course a myth but we can still try to bust this myth by working towards the impossible. Why can't we be satisfied in all the dimensions that define us? Is it that difficult? Well, at least for me, it is! I have always been quite a private person but I have recently realized the significance of a support system - a support system is actually the backbone of our lives! Believe it or not, we all need mentors who can guide us during the trying times of our lives. When we are unwell, we see a doctor-when we want to feel and stay healthier, we consult a nutritionist- when we want to enhance good and positive vibes around us, we seek the help of a vastu consultant- when we are unsure about the health and happiness of our life in general, we see an astrologer, when we feel depressed, we see a therapist! We have so many people around us- we just have to embrace them and their wisdom to lead a more fulfilling life.


It is said, behind every successful man, is a woman and vice-versa- I think, behind every life story is a support system- A support system apart from our parents and immediate families- a support system that helps us ameliorate if not perfect our circumstances during various challenges and believe it or not, we are a result of that support system- the strength that is imparted to us by the experiences of the 'more experienced', the knowledge that is imparted to us by the expertise of the experts- these words of wisdom are indispensable for an overall happy 'US'! My platform healthy-nest.com celebrates this support system which will enlighten everyone out there looking for advice- So, get ready to shine- even more!!!

Quality Care from Experts

Our Mission

We are passionate about helping people find solutions to their problems, problems that create havoc in and around our system/our lives, problems that don't let us be 'US'. We focus on the solutions, solutions that can help us feel better and live better.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be consistent with our mission of achieving that holistic happiness for everyone.

Our Motto

Our motto is to build happier hearts and hence healthier homes!

Why Choose Us?

Healthy-nest is not just a company but a passion, a passion that aspires to inspire everyone towards good health and hence happiness. My aim behind launching this platform is to connect the care-givers with the people who seek good care and advice. Many a times the solutions are right there in front of us but we tend to deliberately or unknowingly ignore them- it is not our fault but it is just that in today's era there are so many hindrances to our train of thoughts- the sense, the meaning or the essence gets lost somewhere midway and we are stuck with a ton of unresolved and unearthed life's issues. Believe it or not, we all need a robust support system in our lives- think about it in hindsight and you will realize that we all exist because of that support and encouragement. Healthy-nest celebrates this support system without which we are just existing and not living our lives, our dreams fully.

So, choose us if you are looking to conquer life's challenges with utmost grit and conviction. We can assure you that we are here for you and we will help you in every which way possible to achieve health, both for you and for your nest.